Explore Bathroom Inspirations

Quirky Bathroom

If you have always wanted a memorable bathroom which would bring a smile to your face, then this contemporary quirky design with vessel and WC in thunder grey, is surely for you.

Manchester United Inspired

This striking powder room space combines modern black tones with the lush floral pattern derived from the Lancashire rose

Peppy Bathroom

Luxuriously tropical and naturally grand, this Peppy Bathspace is an example of how fun and quirky modes can be added in a sophisticated fashion.

Turkish Bath

Culture infused with luxury, ethnicity wrapped with design.The design with the peacock vessel and WC captures part-Moroccan part-Istanbul authenticity in very thematic manner

Eccentric Powder Room

This eccentric design with our Thunder Grey vessel and Matte Black faucet, complimented by the statuario marble cladding on the walls and vanity counter is the perfect rendition of luxury and harmony.

Bold Statememt

Luxurious, luminous and so very humbling, this bathspace design is an experience of grandeur. The vessel and WC in truffle colour and fittings in rose gold finishes make a bold statement in the space.

Warm Abode

The design with Black Veil vessel and WC infuses a warm, enveloping, luxurious soothing experience in the design. The vanity counter in dark wenge-finish with beige top compliments the black vessel and adds a unique character to the desig.


Vessel and WC in peacock colours when paired with rose gold and faucet porcelain tiles in bright vibrant colours and vivid shapes add a bold statement to your bathroom


Comfortable, laid back , fresh and easy – the design with vessel and WC in truffle colour along with passive design elements adds a fresh breadth of life to the space.


Kohler Peacock vessel with rose gold faucet, enveloped by Indigo blue velvety walls adding a tactile element to the room emphasized by satuvatio marble flooring.

Botanical Bends

The design adorned with peacock vessel and rose gold faucet,leaf printed porcelain tiles and pastel accents fill the space with depth and energy.

Modern Minimalist

A modern-industrial minimalistic bathroom with whitewashed-exposed brick walls ,polished concrete flooring and thunder grey vessel and WC adds a unique touch of personality in the space